We love the opportunity to share the success stories of our clients. Due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot fully disclose project information or company names. We hope to routinely update this page so please check back for new success stories.

IT staffing request that lead to reduction in IT spending

This was an IT staffing request that lead to a reduction in IT staffing needs and overall IT infrastructure costs. Our client came to us requesting our IT staffing services. They were looking to hire a full time IT engineer to manage their 2 servers running a CRM system for their sales force. The engineer was to assist with updating and maintaining the software as well as the servers. This was the engineer’s primary responsibility and he or she was to also help from time to time with end-user support issues.

As we do with all IT staffing requests we first analyze the business and what their needs truly are. We do an assessment of their IT infrastructure to understand what the specific needs of the engineer they are requesting are. After we gather all of this data, we then select the ideal match from our pool of candidates and then present the shortlist to our client.

It just so happens that the main consultant managing our client found that their current infrastructure could be consolidated and placed into a hosted solution ridding them from the need of their current server implementation and the need for a fulltime engineer.

We approached the client and presented both solutions and our client agreed with us that the hosted solution of their software was the better choice. JNI took their current CRM solution and moved it to our Application Hosting service. We are currently still maintaining and running their CRM system for them while we worry about the maintenance and they concentrate on their business.

Our client ended up not needing the engineer they thought they could not do business without as well as saved money by ending their lease on their server equipment and the cost of maintenance. With our trained consultants you can expect to receive consultations that not only focus on the issue at hand but all factors that could lead to that problem.


New business enters Japan and uses JNI hosting solutions to jumpstart their business

We always love to hear stories like these. A company came to us, that had only its offices in the US at the time, and they wanted to enter into the Japanese market. This was a several month project where we consulted them on how to enter into the Japanese market. We secured a location for their new office through one of our Trusted Partners. We then assisted them with setting up their office and suggested our Hosted Solutions to get them started. They used JNIs email, web, and application hosting services for about a period of 2 years. At the end of the 2 years they had doubled in size and had successfully built up their own IT infrastructure to support their growing IT demands. We continue to hear from this client from time to time for further consulting requests. We enjoy watching our clients start out in Japan and become successful in a market that can be very competitive and difficult to penetrate.

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