JNI services businesses all over the globe with a focus on the Japanese and US markets. With our headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, we primarily assist companies operating in Japan and companies outside of Japan that wish to enter the Japanese market. We provide IT consulting services to these clients in hopes to make their businesses more efficient, lower costs, and accelerate business growth.

Our clients consist of local Japanese companies solely based in Japan, Japanese companies based in Japan and aboard, and multinational corporations with offices in Japan. With a large number of our clients having headquarters based in the US, we have also opened an office in California to assist with communication to our client’s headquarter offices as well as prepare client’s for entering the Japan market.

Once US and European businesses have successfully established themselves in their local market, they often look to Japan for overseas expansion into Asia. JNI has experience ranging from consulting businesses on how to enter the Japanese market to assisting businesses with securing an office and organizing a complete office setup, in order to allow our client’s a stress-free entry into Japan, so that they can focus on what’s important, their business strategy and service or product they are offering.

We take personal pride and interest with every client we support. We like to think of our clients as lifelong clients, and look forward to watching each and every one of our clients grow to become successful companies. JNI wants to help you build that strong foundation for success.