JNI’s IT Support service operates on a standard three-tiered technical support model. This service is primarily used by companies with a headcount of 5 to 40 fulltime staff. Companies of this size usually do not have the need for a fulltime IT technician to be listed on the payroll. So what is a company to do? The first thing we would like to say is that no company should be without an IT staff member being either full-time, part-time or contracted through a third party vendor. An IT infrastructure is vital to a business just as much as a phone and a physical address to receive mail.

If you feel that you only occasionally have the need for IT support once or twice a year, we still recommend that you have an IT support contract with some IT vendor for peace of mind and as an insurance policy when that day happens and your system doesn’t turn on.

JNI sells monthly IT support contracts starting as low as 3 hours per month and as high as the number of hours your business needs. Given our experience and track record, our IT support consultants are typically able to support a medium office with a mere 10 to 15 hours per month after we perform our first initial assessment of your infrastructure and staff needs. This can be quite a cost savings to your business if you are able to remove the need for a fulltime support engineer. Our IT support service is available as onsite visits, remote support, or both.

Call us to setup a meeting time so that we can further explain our IT support model to you. We look forward to hearing from you!