JNI has client’s that come back to us again and again for our consulting services, and sometimes we are asked if we can assist them with providing high quality staff that will seamlessly fit into their organization and be capable and committed to excellence. With our experience, working with our clients, this gives us an advantage over the other recruiting companies that just don’t exactly know what a good IT candidate looks like.

Our experience and line of business gives us the ability to spot good talent when we see it, as well as knowing what talent would be best for client A. All of our placements are handled by trained professionals in the field of IT with various backgrounds and experience.

When you select JNI to be your company of choice and assist with finding IT professionals, you also receive the value added advice and consultation from our IT Staffing consultants. Our goal is to provide you with the best candidate and to fulfill the required role efficiently.

This means, from time to time, we get requests where our client is requesting us to find an IT professional to fill a role that might not be needed. And we will advise alternative solutions. For example, in one case, a client came to us asking for an IT professional to manage their internal IT infrastructure which consisted of a few servers running services such as Microsoft Exchange and a web server. We discussed a few options and our client decided to contract JNI to perform a project job which migrated all of their email and web data to a hosted solution which in the end, cost a fraction of what the company would have spent on a full time engineer within the first two years.

JNI values and prides itself as an IT consultancy, and we will always keep our customer’s best interests in mind.