JNI Consulting, with its global team of experienced and skilled consultants, offers IT consulting services ranging from network and security design, IT policy implementation, to process improvement and software automation. We understand how important your IT infrastructure is to your business. Our consultants are here to assist you and ensure that your systems are running optimally and being best utilized for your business needs.

We understand that maintaining and setting up your IT infrastructure, may seem like an impossible task, but we are here to help. We strongly believe that preventative maintenance on your servers and network equipment is vital to ensure smooth operation, and to avoid system downtime which may lead to potential loss of revenue, dissatisfied customers, and potential data loss.

We analyze your company’s current infrastructure and risks. From here, we devise a plan to address your issues and ensure that your infrastructure does not result in a disruption to the business. Our consultants have experience consulting in the following key areas:

  • System security audits
  • Security solution implementations
  • Network design and implementation
  • Network and server architecture design
  • IP telephony solution implementation
  • Backup system implementation
  • System recovery
  • Process improvement / automation
  • Software system implementation for automation
  • IT asset management and procurement
  • Server design and implementation
  • Ethical hacking services – network testing for vulnerabilities

Several of the above mentioned areas can not only result in improvement to operations and the way the business functions, but can also have an affect on your overall IT operating costs. We often see businesses which have, far too many IT personnel and infrastructure, than they actually need. This usually results from the process of inheriting systems from mergers and acquisitions of other companies or the introduction of new systems without fully removing previous ones.

Our consultants are trained to spot such systems or unneeded equipment. The result is usually removing or optimizing the software and therefore removing the need for large numbers of technicians and lowering the company’s IT operating costs. We have implemented and optimized systems resulting in the business being able to cut their IT staffing needs by 50 to 60% in some extreme cases.

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