Our Hosted Solutions are stored on our servers which are built and managed by our IT support consultant team. These servers are located at our data center in Japan to give our local clients the fastest possible connection. We have a trusted partner in the US which we use for our hosted solutions in the event that you want a server located out of the US.

Our servers are built using Red Hat Linux and customized to our internal security standards. The data center is a secured environment with state of the art security and 24 hour monitoring of the server rooms and premises. The data center has an OC12 (1200Mbps) line speed connected directly to an internet backbone to provide fast connection speeds. We make sure to have these servers located within Japan to avoid connection disruptions from outside Japan as well as to provide a good connection speed between your Japanese customers and your Hosted Solution. Don’t trust providers that tell you there is no difference between having your server inside Japan or elsewhere, there most definitely is. They usually secure servers outside of Japan as the costs are much lower; however expect to sacrifice speed quality and reliability.